The outside may appear fine, but appearances can be deceiving! That’s why we conduct solar panel quality testing according to strict quality standards.

Damage due to improper transport and storage, bad batches, manufacturing errors, installation damage, or storm damage are occurring more and more frequently. For that reason, an extensive quality test offers certainty regarding optimal performance and confidence for the future for every project!

What checks can we perform for you?

During the preparation of your business case (phase 1)

Recommendations for defining quality criteria in your purchasing contract. Ensuring that you can appeal to your contract if the quality is deemed insufficient after inspection.

Recommended services:

  • Defining quality criteria in the purchasing contract
  • Financial audit of manufacturer

Before your solar panels are shipped (phase 1 & 2)

Inspection of the bill of materials (the ‘ingredients’). Have high-quality materials been used in your solar panels? You may also have a quality inspection performed during the production process (so-called in-line inspections).

Recommended services:

  • Bill of materials check
  • In-line inspection
  • Check of factory EL images
  • Loading supervision

After shipping and before installation (phase 5)

On-site quality check. Are the cells in your solar panels free of damage (no production or transport damage) and does each panel provide the power output that is listed?

Recommended services:

  • Flash test
  • Electroluminescence inspection

After installation (phase 6 & 7  )

Quality inspection after installation. Are you sure your solar panels haven’t been damaged during installation? After installation damage, storm damage is the most significant form of damage a solar panel may suffer from. If the solar power system has been through a storm, we can perform an inspection. In addition to damage to the cells, we can also measure whether the solar panel has any other defects that negatively impact the yield.

Recommended services:

  • Scope 12 check
  • Thermographic inspection
  • Installation damage inspection
  • Storm damage inspection

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