Do you suspect that your system is not producing enough energy? With this package, multiple inspection techniques are used to determine whether there are problems in the solar panels or in the strings. These techniques are:

  • Performance Ratio calculation
  • Thermographic drone inspection
  • If possible, target string measurements

With the PR calculation we compare the yield with comparable systems to determine whether the yield is really lagging behind. If so, the next step is a thermographic inspection to see if there are any hotspots that limit the energy yield. A string measurement is also performed if, thought the monitoring of the inverters, can be determined which strings are left behind in production. The combination of these three methods provides a good initial picture to determine whether there is reason for further inspection. If, based on the test results, there is reason for further thorough inspection, this will be determined in consultation with you. This way you stay in control of expenses!

For more information about the thermographic inspection, you can click here.