General Periodic Inspection. The term says it all, this cost efficient basic package offers the possibility to also have a periodic general check of your system, if desired. The APK is carried out by means of a drone inspection with a thermographic camera. This inspection method screens the modules in the system and hot spots are discovered using colour differences. The advantage thereof is that you can detect problems at an early stage. This APK also serves as a good basis for determining whether a follow-up investigation is necessary. This prevents unnecessary production loss. SolarTester plans the APK as soon as weather conditions permit and provides you with a clear report with the test results. SolarTester also offers the possibility to have periodic checks carried out in subscription form.

On this page you find more information about our drone inspection and the materials we use for that.

Hotspots in solar panels can be made visible using thermographic images. This form of testing can be performed with the modules already installed and still on a roof or in the field. The inspection does require the correct weather conditions, for example the solar radiation must be at least 600 watts per square meter, and the wind speed must not exceed xxx kilometres per hour (max wind speed depends on the location of the inspection).

On this page you can find more information about our thermographic inspection.

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