Quality checks are becoming increasingly important and the demand for them from end customers is growing exponentially. We understand that you would like to advise your (potential) customers at an early stage about the possibilities and costs of a quality control. SolarTester is the ideal partner! We offer every type of quality control in every phase that a solar panel goes through.

We also like to seek cooperation, we believe in the power of cooperation. We communicate transparently what our costs are so that you can include them in your communication to the end customer. We also use a simple process:

  1. Your customer confirms the order to you for a quality control based on the rates you have issue
  2. You confirm to SolarTester the type of quality control requested, including the project data
  3. SolarTester assesses the application and determines whether additional information is required
  4. If necessary, SolarTester applies for an exemption in order to be able to perform the quality control
  5. SolarTester confirms order and date to you
  6. You will receive the test report and all test data within 1 to 3 working days after completion of the tes

You can contact us via the contact form below to discuss the cooperation possibilities. You can of course also contact us by telephone on +31 88 1662777.