There are several ways of investigating why your PV system does not perform as it should, or to see whether there is invisible damage in the cells, without dismantling the modules. One of our most common techniques is thermographic research via drone inpection and thourough data analysis.

Another innovative technique is via EL imaging without dismantling the modules. With SolarTester we are at the front line of quality controlling and we believe in the power of partnerships. Therefor we are pleased to have formed a partnership with our German partners of Aerial PV Inspection (AEPVI). AEPVI have developed state of the art equipment for high quality EL imaging post installation.

AEPVI identifies and locates faults precisely.”We combine and automate classic and preventive inspections of solar power plants with image-based methods like thermography, electroluminescence and UV-fluorescence measurements, and with IV-curve recording by day and night, isolation issues detection, serial number scan, and geography data referencing.

To this end we employ tripod- and drone-based sensor systems, providing a cost-effective check-up by systematic sampling or 100% screening. EL measurements offer a comprehensive and exact assessment of faults on cell level and thus represent the tower of strength of the AePVI concept”.

SolarTester can advise what research technique is most suitable for your case. For more information please contact us.