Thanks to our partner network, we can perform quality controls before and during the manufacture of your panels. Have you ever thought about checking the materials used in your panels? With an inspection of the bill of materials, we can check at an early stage whether the ‘ingredients’ of your panels are of sufficient quality.

The next step is a check during the production process. This literally means a check at the machines, if necessary 24 hours a day. In this way, we check that all is set correctly so that no damage is caused by, for example, too much pressure during soldering. One of the advantages of quality control in a pre-shipment phase is that we can refuse the panels before they go to sea transport.

Another option is that we can check large numbers of factory EL images for damage via our own software. This also allows us to determine whether we consider the quality sufficient for the panels to be transported ex-factory. In combination with our on-site quality test, you can always exclude a batch if damage occurs during the entire process from manufacture to installation.