Planning to acquire or sell a solar power system? Then it is advisable to have a “health check” done. Ultimately, you would like to know whether there are hidden defects in the solar panels and not be faced with unpleasant surprises. This package offers a thermographic drone survey and an in-situ test as standard.

If, based on the test results, there is reason for further thorough inspection, this will be determined in consultation with you. Of course, it is also possible to add other inspection techniques to the initial screening of the system. We are happy to discuss this with you in order to put together the most optimal plan.

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16.000 zonnepanelen leveren groene stroom aan 12.000 huishoudens

Along the A1 near Wilp, the Gooiker family is building a 35 hectare ‘solar farm’ on their own land to provide 12,000 households with green electricity. SolarTester provides extensive and intensive quality control on location. The test is performed in-situ and with our mobile tester. A comparable test protocol with an acquisition check.